Finally it begins

My name is Noel (pronounced noelle) Wright, and as many bloggers, my passion is writing. Along with words, I enjoy expressing myself through photographs as well.

As of right now I spend my time going to college, while working at a local health food market. I live in a little beach town, Avalon, on the East coast. Though I often imagine a life filled of constant traveling and blogging, life has granted me this situation I am in now, to embrace as fully as possible.

I have always hesitated making a blog, tumblr, youtube account, because I never knew where to begin. I wanted to express myself, but at the same time, I wanted to make it known I am also willing to help others and give advice to any who need it.

I don’t want to make my first post too boring, so I will cut it short. I’m a girl with a free spirit, living a health conscious, adventurous (as possible) life, with my boyfriend of 5 years (deserves a blog in itself). Lover of flowers, and the outdoors, music and plants, poetry and love. Working on finding out who I truly am, (this blog being my first step.)

If there is one thing I was put on this Earth to do, I would say it is to inspire and entertain. To use words and photos to move people and interest them, would be my dream.

Always remember; authenticity is key- and always remember to be happy with who you truly are. 


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