Life by the Sea


Isn’t it amazing how just the environment in which we grow up in, effects who we are as people? Something as simple as growing up with a garden, or growing up on a farm will have forever lasting effects on future choices we make throughout our lives. Whether growing up around mountains, or in a city, we are all being exposed to things in nature in which we will always associate with home.

I have grown up by the sea, just a couple blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. It would be much to my surprise if I end up living anywhere far from the ocean. Each time I step in front of the ocean I feel at peace. I am able to close my eyes and know this is where I belong. As a child, playing in the sand, swimming, and searching for shells consisted of my daily routine.

I did not grow up on a lake, within a forest, or around mountains, which explains my deep desire to explore those other sides of life. However, I will always know, as soon as I see an ocean, that I am home. 



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