Winter Blues

Sometimes, we all get a case of the winter blues. This was a poem I had written in the middle of winter, when the coldness was taking away from time outside. I was feeling a bit “under the weather” and striving to keep even my house plants in tip top shape. So as poetry does for me, it inspires. Plus, spring is luckily right around the corner! (Please do not think I only view winter as bad season, it too is beautiful, and allows appreciation for the warmer seasons). Oh, winter. 

Oh, Winter

Oh winter, why must you take me away?

Your leaving ambitions, and desires astray

The view from my window; melancholy as can be

The white snow flutters, and it’s all you can see

The slippery road, and the solemn dead trees

Wanting to sit outside, but indubitably would freeze

Oh winter, why must you pull out my heart?

All of my goals and my dreams, I’m unable to start

Why are you so cold? Please let summer step in

Your filling the world with nothing short of sin

The smell of the rain, a kiss from the sun

It all seems so farfetched.. as you take away fun

Oh winter, I’m sorry but you must change your ways

So all of my ambitions, and desires, will not stay astray-



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