The Mystery Girl- Who Has Changed My Life


Have you ever met someone, and they instantly changed your thoughts for the day? I’m talking from negative to positive or even vice versa?

WELL Today while at work, after indulging in those yummy biscuits of course, I had a woman come in. She was in her 40s, telling me how she is finally ready to become a healthy and spiritual person, and wanted advice on herbal medicines, essential oils, and the whole nine yards. I was helping her out, and then had to ask her what her inspiration was for sudden change. She responded with, her daughter.

-I enjoy reaching a person level with customers as best as I can. I am truly fond of those who want help and share their feelings, because I feel, in some way, a mentor. She then proceeded to telling me about her daughter.-

This is where the irony comes in readers!

First she said I resembled her daughter. Turns out she resembles me even more. Her daughter graduated with a degree in creative writing. (The same degree I have been wanting to major in for years). I was astonished, finally, a creative writer who didn’t switch their major to biology or some other influenced choice. (Not to say Biology is influenced, but as a creative writer, your major will sometimes be laughed at to the point you start questioning job opportunities).

It gets better. She told me her daughter taught English to Spanish children in Spain. (MY OTHER dream, as I am quite confident with my fluency in Spanish). She also landed about 5 different magazine, newspaper, tutoring jobs throughout the past couple years allowing her to live in France, California, New York, and Spain. This girl, who I have no idea, is truly living my dream life.

HOW?! I had to ask. Her mother responded with telling me, she has blogged her whole life about adventures and experiences. She will stay with a company for as long as she feels she received enough and moves on. Magazines, newspapers, all love her creative writing all because she blogged about everything throughout the years. “It was the perfect resume.”

The woman told me she would be bringing her daughter in with her next time she is in town, as she feels we would get along. (I would have to agree with that one!)

This unknown girl, has inspired me to continue blogging and pursuing my dreams. Inspiration, to me, can be life changing, especially in this case. Not only with blogging, but with writing, and not wasting my talent with a fear of failure and lack of money options. With feeling adequate if writing is the thing I feel most comfortable doing. I may not be inventing a new medicine any time soon, but I am using my words to express my mind which never seizes to stop.

Hopefully I have also inspired whoever else is reading this, to keep writing and blogging- just as the mystery girl has done for me. 



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