The Madness Of March (poem)


Once upon a time, the months of the year came to be

Each have unique personalities, and soon you will see

Each month takes a turn, like the phases of the moon

and as of right now, March’s time to depart is coming up soon

It will then be April to soon take his place, 

She’s a beautiful woman, with style and grace

March is man, who carries much pride

He holds onto the cold to keep people inside

We should be thankful for April, as she brings the earth treasures

From flowers, to warmth- really, there is no way to measure

March is stubborn, (he is not one to let go)

He sometimes acts irrationally! (Still bringing in snow)

March is ill-tempered, and sometimes makes April feel bad

Which explains for the frequent rain, as her tears show she’s sad

But over the years, the months have always had an endless dispute

Each wanted something to be proud of, like the giving of fruit

However, March was never happy because his identity was unknown

He spent most of his life feeling extremely alone

This was because he was half of winter, and half of spring

Two different extremes was all he could bring

April was lucky, spring was her forte

She was known as the month where children could finally go outside and play

So as April steps in, try not to always hold a grudge on March’s ways

Because I haven’t yet mentioned how April feels about May

-Noel Wright



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