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Stop Seeking What You Already Have-

This post is for anyone thinking too much about where they are going in life. Anyone unsure on if they are going in the right direction. Anyone who feels they aren’t where they “want to be.”


Have you ever thought about moving somewhere new? Somewhere perfect, your dream location. Have an abundance of money to spend and have your own house, a perfect job, and family?

I think we all have. Not that it can’t be done, I am only here to explain why maybe it is a good idea to STOP trying to move so fast, and to slow down, and enjoy!

I am a college student who went from living on campus at University to now trying to finish my degree online. Of course I will go to another school eventually and finish up there, but with the courses I can take online, I choose to.


Okay, so where am I going with this? Well as of now, I live with my boyfriend, and work at health food store. I live close to my family, friends, and the beach. Sometimes I will sit up at night, wondering if I should of stayed and finished school at my first college right on time, graduate with the degree, and look for the job. After looking for the job, (and eventually finding one), get settled and go about my life. Then save money for the dream house.

Then when my dream house comes to me, after a few months of living there, and working- I’ll find out while pondering in my dream life, I now have a new one. But it is now too late because I have acquired more commitments. Shucks, and now I even have a new job plan.


Hear me out, if you are worried about the rest of your life, please stop. You see life is a timeline, the end will inevitably come, and the faster you reach the end of your timeline, well trust me, you won’t want to feel you pushed yourself to do things you didn’t want to do.

I have faith, I believe all will work out. I know if I continue to take classes and try to make people happy each day, my life can only get better. Slowly, but surely. I might not live in my dream location, but with the money I save, the vacation becomes possible and even more enjoyable. 

My boyfriend and I have our mattress on the floor, we have plants everywhere, our sentimental values, and I cannot deny the comfort I feel. This little house we live in now, will only make our next house more special. I am 20 years old, and you know, I feel it and I am proud of that. 


I truly anticipate my career, but I am not one who wants work to be my life. I love my family, animals, friends, my “low paying” job, and boyfriend. Life is so short, and we all have important things right in front of us. I promise you, whether your having a cup of tea in a broken down shack, or a mansion- everything gets old, even us. It is what you do and who you do it with. 

Enjoy those diner dates, enjoy laying out your backyard, enjoy the fact you have no idea where your life is going to go. Enjoy it! As soon as its’ all figured out, there’s nothing more to anticipate or look forward to. 


Embrace the fact today you have a future to look forward to, not a past to regret.

Happiness comes from within. Happiness is up to you and your thoughts. Try to quiet your mind and let your heart guide your next step.



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