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What Makes You Smile?

Other than almost everything life has to offer, someone asked me today to name 5 things that make me smile. I mean so many things make me smile; a laughing baby, a cute kitty. But hey, I thought long and hard and I am here to share those 5 things and why.



Yes, LOVE is the number one thing that makes me smile. Some may think that answer shouldn’t count, but for me it does. I truly LOVE love. The love I feel for my boyfriend, for my mom, dad, and whole family is endless. When I lay my head on my pillow each night, I can only smile to think of the love I have in my life. LOVE is endless, fulfilling, beautiful, and rare. The love I receive from others each day keeps me alive and smiling.


The Sun

The sun, where should I even start? If I wake up in the morning, look outside of my window and see the sun, a smile forms on my face immediately. A sunny day is a good day. It means you can be outside enjoying life to the fullest. It makes vacations perfect, an average day the best it can be, and brightens the dullest of moods.



Whether it be around the world, or around the block. Adventures are food for the soul. Seeing new things (or even old things just in a new light) give a feeling of freedom. Sunset chasing, visiting a new state, or even wandering around a local farmer’s market. Searching the beach for seaglass. It’s amazing, and indescribable.


Peace of Mind 

Peace of mind comes from doing nothing more than what you want. Lighting candles, playing music, and just relaxing. Spending time with whoever you want, turning off your phone, and appreciating your existence. Being by a fire, listening to rain; anything to gather your thoughts and push away any negative feelings trying to come into your mind. I’ll close my eyes, and smile.



It makes me smile. I can express myself through words. I have trouble expressing myself verbally sometimes. I get tongue tied and I know I am very hard person to understand. Not many people really know who I am. I keep to myself, a bit of a mystery. I am not one who has the energy to explain myself to people. I can write, I can feel free and free my mind. I can close my eyes and smile and write, just as I am doing now. I can be in a place I feel comfortable. Even if only a few people are reading this, it does not matter much to me, because those are the people who matter. I don’t need to flaunt what I know to people day after day with my mouth. I barely even tell anyone I know about this blog. Writing makes me smile. I must say I got my love for writing from my mother.


Oh and .. #6..My Life

Hey, I am going to cut to the chase. My life makes me smile. I love my life. I love those in it, I love my job. I love what I do have and even what I don’t. My memories, my boyfriend and true friends. My family (especially my mother who reads my blog everyday and I appreciate more than anything). I started with love, and ended with life on this list.


Love life


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