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Once, You Too, Were A Seed


Today, after work, I had time to get in the garden. I was able to replant plants, and new seeds. My boyfriend and I have a box of hundreds of different vegetables and flowers to choose from.


Anyway, as I held the baby seeds in my hand, I envisioned what it will look like a month from now. A large flower, so beautiful, or a big juicy tomato.

That’s what had me thinking. Why once the flower blooms, or the fruit is ready to be eaten- is it appreciated? Why are those small seeds so unappealing to the eye of many? That seed is what gives you the gift. 


Next time you see a flower, or a fruit, or a vegetable; remember to admire the seed. The seed that fought so hard to grow and become what it is today. The seed that adapted to new environments, and proved its’ strength over many others.

It is similar to people. Each person has the ability to be the beautiful flower or juicy fruit. Just not all are there yet. Do not only appreciate those who are already there- at their final state. 


Those seeds (people) grew faster, they were planted sooner, and had a better environment to grow. Those other seeds, some still in the ground, some still in their packets, still exist and have just as much to offer.

DO NOT JUDGE ON WHAT YOU SEE, do not judge at all. Just appreciate what is, and realize there is also more. Realize like seeds, people all have different directions to reach. 


Don’t overlook “a boring seed” for a grown vegetable. Who knows what that small seed has to offer. It could be more.

Please, help the seed grow. 



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