“Let It Go”


I was once told to “Let It Go.” Well, I was actually told such a thing many times. Things inevitably get to people. A joke, a compliment, or even a rude remark. Sometimes tragedy appears in our lives, sometimes we say things we do not mean and do things we “regret.”

It is hard to let go. It is hard to tell your thoughts to be quiet. Take it from me, my thoughts never stop. It becomes difficult to not overthink things, for me at least.


How can we let go?How can we forget about anything to make us feel less than 100% happy about ourselves.

Whether it is -Failing a test, getting fired, or anything to taint a perfect vision of yourself. Why must we look at these events as bad?

If we learn to let go, life becomes much easier. It is as if nothing and no one can stop you (which is true). It is called realizing reality. Realizing there is a reason why we are where we are right this moment. Trusting that if you keep making yourself happy, what is meant to happen will.


Remember to Let it go- and breathe. I admit to having trouble with this each day. However, I can assure when I accept my happiness as more important than anything else, relief comes. There is a difference between being a selfish person and person who knows their happiness only comes from accepting who they really are.

The past is unfixable but the present moment can go in any direction you’d like. Be with whoever makes you happy, and laugh at whatever you find funny. Take life as a blessing not a nuisance.


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