Waking to My Love (Poem)

The nights ends as mornings comes

I hear my love breathing through his lungs

How I cherish this moment more than gold

This simple moment could never get old

I want to wake him but I must let him sleep

So I choose to write in order to keep

Me occupied without breaking his dreams

This is my favorite time of the day – as silly as this may seem

We are together as comfortable as can be

My love and bed is all I can see

He wrestles around and asks how I slept

“Good, you” I respond with the truth I kept

In my heart as my love is so strong

My answer would be too sappy too much and too long

If I responded with truth, my answer would be

I can only sleep with you because my mind is so free

Despite other things going on in our lives

There’s nothing I cherish more than waking to your eyes

I dream of us in castles, on beaches so far

I dream of us in cities and in small little cars

I want you to wake so we can have our cup of tea

So my heart can be filled, and my mind you can free 

My love and I doing an “old time photo” – June of 2009 


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