Advice / Inspiration · poem

A Book Is Given Its’ Title (poem)

You must not care what others say

It is your life to live in any way

Any way you want, any way you feel

Life was a gift to you, not for anyone to steal

I know it is tough, to want others to care

But at the break of each dawn, are they the ones there?

Gaining approval is an extra task in itself

Just as books on sitting upon a bookshelf 

If the reader is interested, they will pick it up and read

Judging from exterior, what they have heard and what they’ve seen

However, it’s true, the book will be returned 

And new books will be read, forgetting what they learned 

Forgetting about you, unless they did care

And in that case, at the break of each dawn, they are the ones there

Be as a book, and hold your title tight

And if others choose not to listen, do as I do, and write 



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