A Dreamer I shall stay 

I have always been a dreamer, a bit too much some say
Creating a new life inside my mind, while carrying throughout a day
Sometimes wanting more and sometimes wanting less 
Wanting to be happy, but somehow satisfied with being in distress
I have always been a dreamer, it’s what I like to do
As I see people so determined, well, I wish I could be that too
No one understands me, and I’d like to keep it that way
In a world filled with followers and clones, in my own mind I shall stay
So many people are brainwashed, they think they have it right
But so many let go their innocence and think dreaming is only for the night
I know where I want to go, but I don’t want to be there just yet
Because once you get to your dream, what if no more dreams are left?
Life becomes too formal, life becomes too real
Waiting in traffic during rush hour, to make it home, to make a meal
Why not take things slow? And dream every single day 
Knowing you’ll eventually get somewhere, but today.. is just today
Everything gets old, but not everything gets new
That is why you choose to dream, just as I choose to do
The mind is never satisfied, people rather be there than here
But a moment is so quick, after trying to reach that moment for years
That is why you take life slow, and have faith in what’s meant to be
Because as long as you are happy you allow the mind to be free
I have always been a dreamer, and a dreamer I shall stay
Because in reality we all die, and our dreams are the only things that are left to stay anyway

-Noel Wright 


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