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“From the soul to the mind” (Poem)

“From the soul to the mind”
-Noel Wright

Dear Thoughts,

You consume my mind so frequently, I forget you are even there
You switch my motives daily, I can no long even bare
Your ideas for me are confusing, can you please pipe down?
Let me enjoy my smile before you turn it to a frown
You drain me of my energy, you pull me from my life
A constant form of worry and an undeniable fear of strife
Your with me as I read, your with me as I walk
You haunt me while I eat, while I sleep, and even when I talk
Just leave me be I beg you! It’s becoming to be more than cruel
Stop second guessing my decisions– for where I work, and go to school
I know you think you know it all, and the right way to live
But all you do is take from me, never do you give
You take away my now, the most important thing of all
Don’t worry about the future- if I fail, fly, or fall
Let me enjoy the sun, and the wind upon my face
Let me be happy, let me love, and please allow me to embrace
I know you have your fears, I know you have your doubts
But my mind really is not the place for you to continue to hideout
I know you probably won’t listen, as it seems you NEVER do
But this letter was just a reminder – as I will no longer be responding back to you

– The Soul


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