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Geography, it is quite amazing how it will affect a person. Where one lives, their hometown, their comfort zone; their life. As I have mentioned in previous blogs before, Avalon NJ – by the beach is where I grew up. South Jersey to be a bit more broad. Always being proud of where I lived, I began to notice when telling people from other states where I was from, I would get negative remarks from those who have never visited.

One time an older man from Tennessee told me a joke, “you know why it’s the garden state?” “Because you have to ‘gard’ your cars and homes.”

Wow. Interesting, I thought to myself. I usually find myself leaving the keys in the ignition when I run into a local store. I feel confident in having nice things outside of my home. I think South Jersey is a hidden treasure. Yes some people have a lot of negative remarks to make, but I was sure to find people who felt the same way I did.

So today started the interviewing of “People of South Jersey.” For this specific interview, they were only asked simple questions as to why they did or did not like where they lived. Their stories I will share with you. It was an amazing feeling to talk with such generous people. 9 out of 10 people agreed to have their photos taken along with answering questions on only day 1.

I would say this already says a lot about the friendly people.

DSC_0014 2

A photo taken of me during the interviews by




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