New Years Reflection (poem)

Is it who have I become, or who have I always been?
The question to ask myself, looking for the answer deep within;

What led me to this point, or did this point lead me here?

Was I meant to be afraid? Or was I tugged that way by fear?

Would my inner child cry at who I have become?

Would I make her want to show the world, or just a few.. and little some?

Do I scare her? Would her advice be better than mine?

Would she tell me she still loved me and everything would turn out fine?

Or perhaps I’d leave her angry, disappointed, and confused.. 

That all of the energy and time she put into growing, I never even used.

I know she would expect more, and want to see me taller than a tree!

I know she would just run and cry- if she thought this was all I’d ever amount to be
I remember her looking in the mirror 

Wondering what she would look like one day..

But now I know the looks weren’t what was important, as they aren’t here to stay

The confusion began to haunt me so I finally just asked her what to do;

She laughed and held my head, telling me “just be the best possible you!”

With a sigh of relief, I clearly thought too bad

It wasn’t what I have “become”, but how I was thinking which made her sad

Sometimes people fall to remember how nice it is to stand

Even birds take a break from flying to appreciate the land

The sun gets tired too, and likes to run and hide

But if it was always sun we saw, how could we truly appreciate a beautiful day outside

So now with all negativity aside, what my inner child wants is clear

To simply become close with her again, and to not give up on this new year


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