New Jersey (Poem)

The summers short, the winters long

The lousy jobs which string you along

The gruesome gray skies and dirt on the ground

The awful communities, oh, what is a hometown?

The hustle and bustle up North, oh it’s cringing

All of the unsettled people continue infringing 

The south is quite slow, in life and the brain

Having conversations down here, now that’s true pain

The landscape is flat, there is NOTHING to do

Except utilize the ocean for a few months, which is green and not blue..

Where are the mountains? Where are the lakes?

Oh that’s right, the lakes are filled with toxic waste

The trees are becoming more scarce where is the beauty?

Not in the persons, if they aren’t slow than they’re snooty

I dream of nature and wake up in disgust 

Move to New Jersey, and discover the true meaning of wanderlust


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