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Achieving Ambition (Slowly)


Do you ever have so many ideas your mind cannot even fathom how or when they will come true? I am notorious for having grand ideas, and becoming somewhat intimidated by them.I become overwhelmed with myself. How on earth do I have the capacity to overwhelm myself? It isn’t rocket science as to the reasoning behind it. It only takes a little bit of logic to realize “rushing through life will only waste time in the long run.” 

I dream a lot, I have visions of where I want to be. Quite frankly it takes me out of the now, and brings me to a place I wish I never went. Having a goal is great, however one goal at a time is key. 

I sometimes wake up in the morning with the mental image of being able to become a business owner of my own business, moving far away in a new house with green grass, a bathtub full of bubbles, and candles lit throughout each room. I begin to envision my wall color, the sun room which will be filled with plants and a hammock to read books in. I smile at the image of waking up with the sun shining, warm weather, loving my job, and everything being perfect. 

Suddenly my image is distorted by the fact that I cannot even get out of bed.

I feel tired, unmotivated, stressed out with school, tired of work, and I sigh at the laundry basket over-flowing with clothes. What am I doing wrong, I start thinking to myself. I get out of bed, make a long to-do list with GOOD LUCK written across it.

Then it all started to make sense one rainy afternoon. I was planning too far ahead. Why on earth does one think of their end result before thinking about what needs to be done first in order to get to that point? Well, it is easier to do, less frightening, and less stressful. By desiring so many hobbies without starting at least one, you will only hurt in the long run. Clearly as time goes on I will continue to have more dreams, and continue adding them to my unfinished to-do list. So before I become this successful business owner/writer/creator/designer/yogi/counselor/ and so on, I decided my first step and goal is to be more in the now. Being more aware of my life and appreciative for what I have now.

Choosing to wake up early, stay on top cleaning, cooking dinner each night, and writing more are all things to help my mind stay on track. I realized my commitment to not being lazy and never using the phrase “It’ll get done tomorrow” will help me find what I enjoy most. I have already discovered my hidden passion for cooking with this new change. Slow and steady wins the race!


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