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Accepting Your Dream To Become A Freelancer


Life is not easy, and I think we all start to figure that out down the line. While attending school, we sometimes mask the idea of being alone in the “real world.” Partying and terrible sleep patterns begin to wreck havoc on students. It is not uncommon for students to keep their eye on the “prize” of finishing with their degree, and banking on the thought it will just be smooth sailing form there.

Instead of using free time in school to find their hidden talents or discover a “dream within a dream,” time is wasted on thinking the notoriety of being a graduate is all you need to be successful in this day and age. Though it surely helps in some cases, only some acknowledge the fact they do not have years upon years to keep giving money away. They realize their talent and their dream is going to have to be discovered because of their work ethic.

When someone has a dream it is up to them to make it happen. If you want to be an artist, a writer, musician, comedian or photographer there is no need to wait until you have your degree to give everything you have into make your dream become reality. Do not feel under-qualified or insufficient. It is up to YOU to try to sell people to believe you have what it takes. 

If you continue to face rejection it is not because you aren’t good enough, it is because you have to keep trying. Do not become discouraged, do not give up, use your motivation and desires towards creating the life you always dreamed of. Continue to finish school while chasing your dreams, the time is there and it is of the essence. 

This idea of holding off on making dreams happen aren’t just for those who haven’t received their college degree yet. It is for those with a degree who cannot seem to find work, or even for those who have decent paying jobs and find comfort in their ability to survive. Again, I am not saying to leave your current job, however if you want to be something that seems far-fetched now, do not give up.

This world needs more people who love their job. How rewarding would your life be if you could pursue your passion each day. Some people tend to put themselves down because they can’t seem to pull off the route of being a doctor or a lawyer. People let minor setbacks determine who they are as a person. Each individual has strengths and weaknesses.

Both a doctor and a writer have the potential to change someone’s life for the better.



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