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One Year Reflection

It has been one year since the making of my blog. After reading through all of my posts, I feel the emotion coming from each post. I feel as if when I started, the writings were more fun and joyful. As the year progressed, I noticed more sadness and confusion.

Why? Is it because I stopped drinking? Is it because of certain stressful situations?

Whatever it may be, I find it beautifully human. Some might think something is wrong, but I think the complete opposite. I have found myself and have learned how to fully cope with my emotions by myself. I don’t ask for help from other people or other things. I have come to accept the fact that everyday you won’t feel the same. Everyday won’t be sunny, and everyday isn’t going to rain.


Life is always changing and so are we. Without change, you aren’t growing. Change does not have to mean you moved across the country or something drastic. It can be small and simple.

Happiness is beautiful when the happiness is real and true. Real happiness doesn’t mean you are happy every minute of every day. Happiness is accepting what is and allowing the universe to take hold. Don’t feel down on yourself if you are having a bad day.


We all have bad days, minutes, years, and months. As long as you appreciate when you feel good, you are on your way!


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