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So my boyfriend and I have talked about moving to Washington state as soon as we can. This choice came from my love for hiking, forests, coastal living, and mountain beauty. When we first visited Maine last year, we fell in love with idea of being on the coast and within the mountains. However, with spending our whole life on the east coast- going to the Pacific Northwest would be a dream. 

This of course won’t take place until job situations and school allows us to move on. So in the mean time, while I’m confident with the dream coming true.. I want to embrace as much of the east coast as I can, just so I can never feel as if I took it for granted. 

Today was spent in cape may with my best friend walking the nature trails and buying plants for my room. 

The weather peaked to 68 today with sun. So awesome! I read some of my book down by the Delaware bay on the beach in the dunes.  The sound of the seagulls had me smiling as well as the lack of people on my walk. 

I went to a new cafe and enjoyed a latte.  

I was enlightened by the idea that everyone has somewhere else they might want to be. Some people have enough money to travel forever and some people have to work to travel. If you want a home in the mountains but live on the beach, being disappointed with the beach won’t make the mountains come any faster. It will take away from the beauty around you. 



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