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March 30

Today the boyfriend and I woke up and had our cups of coffee on the porch in the sun. We then proceeded to head over to my mom’s house to go for a walk on the beach.  
 The sky was blue, few clouds in sight. The air was chilly but bearable enough for just  a vest and turtle neck.  

 The ocean is still too cold to swim in, but never too cold to walk along searching for treasure.  

 My niece was on spring break so we had her join us on the couple mile walk to search for Seaglass. She was so excited to find some for the first time ever.  

 The beach was not crowded at all, we only came across one person in 2 miles.  

 We walked along the forest paths within the beach. After all of the walking and searching we decided to do some local shopping with our green juices.  

   Cheers to a sunny Wednesday!


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