Self improvement

Waiting- why? Thoughts?

Why do we wait? 

This question is one I have been asking myself for years. Is it because a dream you want to acquire is too far fetched, or is my soul simply lacking the characteristics needed to make it happen. Is it fear? Is it the uncertainty?

 We know we want something, we want to be somewhere in particular, but we wait. The time goes by, the years go by, and we keep waiting. We do things to help support the dream, we talk about it, and sometimes you wonder why you are still thinking about that same dream 5 years later. What does it take to get yourself to reach a dream? 

Some may say manifesting and hard work, but sometimes it just feels like things keep happening to hinder the possibility of the dream coming true. Family problems, financial issues, accidents, the list goes on. 

Is it because we are secretly happy with where we are, but have that dream solely to impress others?

Why do we wait? 


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