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Becoming to Be

Growing up life seemed simple and forgiving. (Not necessarily those in my life, but the universe itself). As I grow up, I realize my views were a little skewed. It’s strange how so much change can happen at once.

Aside from the materialistic chain of bad luck that all experience, like dropping my phone in the ocean and losing pictures, or losing my transportation in an accident.

Parents separating; one happy and the other devastated. Grandfather passing away yesterday at the age of 87 to only have my grandmother without a partner after 67 years of being together.

Why do these things happen? It’s a strange concept but life doesn’t stop, not everyone you see will know what is going on, and the sun will either make an appearance or not the following day. Time continues to pass, milk continues to spill.

But life goes on. People sometimes say we are put on this life for two reasons.. to struggle and learn how to cope.

When things happen to you, you inevitably become stronger. You become more empathetic and more resilient. If I look at who I was three years ago I’d see someone who was insensitive, ungrateful, and naive. As the time goes by I feel grateful for moments, happy for others, and more understanding.

So these words, these characteristics, are they why things happen to people? Someone goes from heartless to giving. Someone goes from quiet to outgoing. These circumstances make us all better people. Losing a loved one, someone breaking your heart, losing a home, it is all blessings in disguise.

You cannot control what happens to you in life, only how you react. Being mad or upset takes a toll on your body. Choose to be strong, choose to move forward. Choose to cope. When you are at the top and haven’t experienced what it feels like to lose someone or something, help others the way you will want to be helped one day.

Life is always changing, and so are we. Time does not stop, age doesn’t go backwards, and we will never stop being hurt. To hurt is to feel alive, to endure makes you a fighter. If you are feeling down, look up.

Each moment of bliss should be treasured like a winning lottery ticket would be. Those moments are worth the world. Those memories are forever and those feelings are real. Focusing on each wonderful thing in life changes everything. It makes the bad things less painful because you remember more of the good. Treat others kindly, be there for those who need you. Make this world a better place.. the reason you were born.



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