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Hey guys! Wow, it has been quite some time since my last post. BUT I am here to stay, and write, and hopefully help/inspire my readers! The past year or so has been hectic for me, and I lost a lot of my passions along the way. My last post was when I was living in New Jersey.. well I moved to San Diego! I am out here in California now for about three months and working. So let’s recap before I start making further posts (which I am too excited about doing!!) Since my last blog post…

  • I moved from New Jersey to California
  • New job from health food store to working in industry
  • Still finishing school (slowly but surely!)
  • No longer engaged—single and finding myself!
  • I am almost totally OVERCOMING MY ANXIETY!
  • My comfort zone has expanded immensely


Okay..and a lot more that I will get into in future blog posts. If you are just now reading this post of mine, please hop on board and follow me on my life journey! I am going to be explaining how I have made all of these changes in just one year and how it is so beneficial to push yourself into fear.

Just one year ago I was dreaming of being on the west coast, in a total rut unhappy at work and bored with my life. I wanted something more, I wanted adventure.. I yearned for newness and change. WELL it happened to me. The law of attraction granted my wishes (though not in the exact way I had hoped) but it happened. 

Now I am back to doing what I love most.. writing! Now that I am where I always wanted to be, I am going to do what I have always wanted to do which is help others through my words.





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