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Remaining Strong

So as I have mentioned before, the past few months of my life have been spent living in California. It was not an easy transition going from a small town of about 1,000 people to a city of over a million.

This past week I came home for a visit- and it felt great to see family and friends again. At time I found myself pondering about going back and it started making me feel upset to leave those I love again. I am flying back west on Wednesday and the nerves are rising each minute. I have to keep reminding myself.. you still need time to grow, remain strong!

It is too easy to get comfortable again I am realizing. Being around familiar faces with familiar places and getting things with minimal to no effort always feels a little too nice to our brains. I am fighting through these feelings and sticking to my plan. I will struggle, I will feel sad at times, but I will push myself and I will remain strong. 

I must become familiar with myself in all situations and know how I feel and teach myself how to react. The flight back home was not the flight I intended on getting, it is longer and more stressful of a flight but it happens and I have to deal with it. 

How many times a day/week do you force yourself to be uncomfortable?

How many times a day/week do you try to something new?

There should always be a number answering those questions. It is a way to combat anxiety and depression naturally by exposing our bodies to this discomfort. The more more discomfort your body becomes familiar with, the harder it is to set those triggers off! Embrace feeling awkward or on edge and know it will pass. Recognize those feelings are proof you are living. 




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